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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 14, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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conditions as carnival cruise ship triumph inches its way to port in alabama. an engine fire left the ship stranded at sea and this afternoon a tow line snapped as tugboats steered the stricken ship for the terminal. that line was replaced, the slow journey resumed, but those stories on board have been nothing short of horrific. our scott broom has been listening and brings us a sampling of the frustrations. >> right now they've got the tow rope back on, looking at maybe five to eight more hours to get the boat back into port. it's going no faster than a jogger can run, maybe about 5 miles per hour, but that ship is close enough to mobile for people to make some really harrowing phone calls and send out some kind of disgusting tweets. >> the bathroom situation is horrible. >> reporter: and a lot of talk about is about the filthy conditions on board. >> because we're sleeping in the hallway you had to -- my friend had to actually change his mattress out for another
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one because it was laying in the raw sewage. >> reporter: one graphic tweet from a redskins fan named haley meyer, we had to pee in the showers, poop in bags, ate onion sandwiches. people slept on decks. some hung bed sheet signs from balconies. a pilot boat brought in help to steer the crippled ship. in a helicopter dropped a generator and some passengers said the fire last sunday was likely a lot worse than carnival has led on. >> i want to tell my mom that i love her so much. >> we're trying to tell them there's nothing to worry about and then as soon as we get them calmed down the electricity goes off and doors start slamming shut locking off sections and nobody tells us until later that, you know, electricity malfunctioned, you know, the emergency electricity went out. >> it got bad, worse and just horrible. >> reporter: lots of people making phone calls wanting folks at hometon just how bad today. around is always the offer in compensation is a free trip,
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$500, a -- carnival says the offer in compensation is a free trip, $500. if they want to sue, they have to sue in the bahamas, not in the u.s. something needs to be done. i've said it before. it's the job of the congress or whomever. >> that was cleopatra holly, her daughter hadiya pendleton killed in a shooting in chicago after just a week she and her drill team had performed in d.c. for the inauguration. that mother was back in washington today speaking out on gun control at the children's defense fund in northwest. also here in d.c. gathering at the lutheran church of the reformation on capitol hill a group known as moms rising prepared to deliver petitions to capitol hill supporting the gun control legislation. among the moms lori haas whose
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daughter was wounded at virginia tech. >> so i think after virginia tech there was a lot of grieving and a lot of sympathy and a lot of awareness, an immense support for all the survivors and victims and their families, but people realize that that support is not enough. >> moms rising claims to have gotten 150,000 signatures on this petition to congress. senate republicans have blocked chuck hagel's nomination to be the next secretary of defense. they say they want more time to study the speeches hagel gave after leaving the senate in 2008. the former republican from nebraska has sparked controversy over comments he's made about israel and iran. this marks the first time a national security nominee has ever faced a filibuster. >> the death penalty does not make us stronger or more secure as a people, nor does the death penalty make our laws more effective or more just. >> maryland governor martin o'malley continuing his crusade against the death penalty.
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hearings on capital punishment took place in annapolis today. opponents of the repeal say there needs to be a punishment harsher than life without parole. durings had state of the union address president obama -- his state of the union address president obama pledged to make sure preschool education was available to everybody regardless of income. he pushed his point in georgia today and got a little time with preschoolers. >> reporter: children at this atlanta area preschool greeted their special classroom visitor with hugs. president obama stopped by to play a little i spy and make the case that early education centers like this one do more than get children ready for kindergarten. >> they're also more likely to grow up reading and doing math at grade level, graduating from high school, holding a job. >> reporter: the president wants to make preschool available to every child in america. he's pushing a plan that would give states incentives to
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expand their own pre-k programs can an emphasis on helping low income families. >> the lack of access to a great preschool education can have an impact on their entire lives. >> reporter: here in martha's table in washington where there is a long pre-k waiting list any additional financial help would be welcome. >> the small group in that building of a child in the hole listic way costs. >> reporter: -- holistic way costs. >> reporter: before the president can move forward with expanding preschool programs he'll have to get the house and the state republicans on board. john klein chairs the house education committee and says the federal government already spends millions on 40 different early childhood programs. >> it's very hard to justify new money until we see what his priorities are and how he's going to pay for it. >> reporter: republicans want to see the president's entire budget before they sign off on any new programs. tara mergener for cbs news, the
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white house. the impending automatic budget cuts are threatening current head start programs. the obama administration warns that 70,000 students could be kicked out if those cuts take effect. mayor vincent gray says he's making schools in the district a priority. he plans to increase the funding in public education by 2% next year. gray says an investment in our children is investment in the future of d.c.'s economy. the death of an elderly man in alexandria is now a murder investigation. 94-year-old elmer joe roehrs was found dead in his delray home last night. now the neighbors can't understand why anyone would want to kill such a kindly man everybody knew as joe. he lived with his 87-year-old wife. their home was broken into last november and in a bizarre twist police arrested 45-year-old marie maybell johnson thursday morning in connection to that
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home burglary. she's not been charged with any other crimes related to the murder. and a mystery soon to be resolved, finally sometime next week we may learn what the problems are in the chandra levy murder case. today a d.c. superior courtup promised to release redacted transcripts sometime next week of hearings that have gone on for months. all we know so far is there is some issue with the testimony of a witness who helped send ingmar guandique to prison two years ago in the murder of chandra levy. metro blamed miscommunication between a transit police officer and the command center for making things worse last month when passengers got stranded on two trains along the green line. it happened january 30th. the chief of the transit police says metro is looking into ways to improve radio communication to avoid a repeat. vatican officials confirm pope benedict fell and hit his head during a trip to mexico last year and insist the fall
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played no role in the pontiff's decision to step down. today the pope met with priests in rome telling them he will remain hidden from the world after retirement. he plans to dedicate himself to prayer living in an old monastery inside the vatican's walls. his courageous story and electrifying performance at the summer olympics inspired people around the world, but tonight south african police say they will charge the man known as blade runner with the murder of his girl friend. police will not confirm reports that oscar pistorius mistook his girl friend for a burglary. that girl friend reeva steenkamp was a model and reality show contestant. pistorius was the first ever double amputee to participate in the olympics. coming up at 7:00 we'll introduce you to an organization that helps struggling families stay on their feet at 7:00 on wusa9. >> still ahead this half hour some lucky couples tie the knot this valentine's day. plus --
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♪[ music ] >> beautification through music, we'll introduce you to a grammy nominated star who got his start on the streets of southeast d.c. top? >> we're looking at a very nice day. we'll take you out with the numbers. we made it to 50 downtown, low 35, averages 47 and 31, record high 73, record low 4 above. we'll come back. we're tracking arctic air, a
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gravity keeps our feet on the ground but love makes the world go around and on this valentine's day love is making the rounds at wedding chapels from vegas to the bahamas to d.c. superior court. d.c. superior is where you caught up with folks like jennifer, princess, gregory and hattie all making this february fourteenth one to cherish for a lifetime. congrats to the newlyweds. three men behind bars in britain arrested by officers investigating allegations that some europe wholesalers were passing off horse meat as beef. this comes from this continentwide investigation underway into those allegations as plants and slaughterhouses, even warehouses are being examined for evidence. still ahead a look at the
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budding career of chris stiles bacon, a young performer whose taken it from the streets of
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today frederick douglass
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would have turned 195 years old. so in his honor douglass impersonator fred gazelle performed. from the streets at southeast to a scene at the grammys a young performer has taken his african american and district roots to stages far beyond his wildest dreams. delia goncalves has a look at the budding career of chris stiles bacon. >> reporter: this d.c. native shows off his roots fusing west african beats with go go. >> d.c. is always going to be in me. >> reporter: we caught up with chris stiles bacon at washington international school. this is where he wowed students with his beat boxing and guitar strumming skills. and even though he put his own hip-hop twist on an old nursery rhyme --
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>> humpty-dumpty. >> reporter: chris stiles is much more than a children's performer. >> i'm trying to bring people together to knock down the barriers of like stereotypes and like economics and everything. my target audience is everyone from like seniors to like the young kids and my mission is always cultural acceptance and unification through music. >> reporter: it's a mission molded by his mom, fine tuned by his high school experience. >> duke ellington was a place where i really came to terms and said to myself as an -- and accepted myself as an artist. >> reporter: now at age 26 chris stiles career is taken off nominated for a grammy three years ago for his work on a children's album sky is the limit. >> my work is to do things internationally and expose different cultures around the world to what's happening in d.c. and like native washingtonian d.c. rhythms and stuff like that. it's all about connecting people and helping people see that common ground through our humanity. >> reporter: and just like his afro and custom tie, chris
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stiles' music fuses different genres and cultures to leave any audience with an experience they won't soon forget. right after our interview chris stiles ran into his alma mater duke ellington for yet another performance. from school to the kennedy have to stratmore hall, this 26-year- old is booked solid, very good signs for a career that he says is all about giving back. >> the kids were having a great time. well, remember last weekend's blizzard that buried the northeast? >> the town of brookhaven on new york's long island is still digging out. the plows were no match for the snow, but residents are furious with a couple town officials. the supervisor was soaking up the sun in jamaica when the storm hit and the acting highway superintendent called in sick with a toothache and a family emergency. >> this is a nightmare.
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it's a disaster. there's no way to get to my street. everything has not been plowed and what has been plowed, it's all ice! >> that highway superintendent resigned yesterday. new york's governor has since sent in an army of 70 plows to clear the roads in brookhaven. >> that reminds me of when we had that sort of trifecta snowstorm and people whose communities hadn't been plowed and they were like hey. >> they knew the storm was coming. you could still be in jamaica and say hey, get the plows out. >> or you could just postpone the trip. >> i think he was already there, but you could still say it's going to come. temperature today 50 the high of, a very nice day with light -- high, a very nice day with light winds. temperatures are falling a little, nothing much, though, 46 officially. we're looking at relative
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humidity 50%. winds still out of the south at 7 and will pick up later tonight and also increase and bring in milder air. temperature-wise pretty uniform, too mainly 40s, a couple 30s showing up, germantown 39, 44 fairfax, 42 springfield, 45 arlington, 48 college park and 45 for waldorf. satellite and radar combined, here's a little disturbance, but it's pretty strong in the upper levels of the atmosphere. it's going to swing along this line through us tomorrow night into saturday morning and bring us a chance for rain showers turning to snow showers tomorrow night and early saturday. in the meantime generally clear skies, a few clouds after midnight and a nice start to tomorrow before the clouds return. just chilly tonight, mild friday, afternoon showers, then snow showers or snow friday night and snow or snow showers possible on saturday as well once we get the cold air in
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here, see how much moisture is available. tonight clear to partly cloudy, chilly, lows in the 30s, winds south, southwest at 10 to 15. tomorrow morning partly sunny, a nice start, breezy and cool. bring a coat. don't be fooled especially if you're going out tomorrow night, 30s and 40s and by afternoon mostly cloudy, breezy and milder, highs near 55 but showers possible and winds still southwest 10 to 15. next three days for now the 9 weather alerts green. spring to winter tomorrow, showers to snow showers and some snow showers again saturday. only about 39, temperatures essentially steady on saturday and sunday even colder, highs about 32, maybe a snow shower, a little better chance for flurries, not as much moisture around sunday. next seven days a very nice presidents day, temperatures in the mid-40s, showers and rain tuesday, back down temps, 48, they sunshine wednesday and thursday of next week with
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highs in the mid- to upper 40s. sports will be
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time for sports live from the wusa9 cadillac sports desk. >> reporter: welcome to warm and sunny vieira, florida. how about this, gang, spring
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training, nats, 2013. tell you, what the rains are coming down today, but pitchers and catchers reported except for one, rafael soriano, the man the nats paid to be the richest relieve er not here. he's having visa problems in his native dominican republic. they expect him to be here by the end of the week. soriano received a visa after signing with the yankees in 2011, but the team told reporters today the transfer of paperwork from new york to washington is holding it up. they aren't concerned, but again they're saying it is day to day. davey johnson actually talking about soriano today said he's a veteran pitcher. we expect him to show up in shape and do his job. let's move on to other news here at nats spring training, the other pitching issue coming in, of course, stephen strasburg. he's the other big story. no innings limitation. he wants to be a workhorse.
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if his body is any indication, he is ready to do just that. he looked outstanding stepping on the field today. we saw him for the first time. he looks like he's in great shape. you remember last year he got up to about 225, 230. now he's down looking fit and trim. so what he was doing today, throwing with some of the other pitchers. he threw 159 innings a year ago. he wants to be over 200 innings this season. he hasn't spoken to the local media yet. his manager has. davey says he expects stephen strasburg to be ready to go this year and be a big time pitcher for this baseball team. let's talk about the redskins, newsworthy day for them. they broke ground at the site of their new training facility in richmond. gm bruce allen representing the team, virginia governor bob mcdonnell there as well. the topic of the controversial nickname came up and allen addressing that saying they
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will not change their me. >> i'm proud to be the general manager of the washington redskins. we represent an iconic sports franchise that's 81 years old. that involves millions of fans worldwide that has thousands of alumni. it's ludacris to think in any way that we're trying to upset anybody. >> reporter: time for our high school game of the week, several good games, dematha hosting bishop mcnamara. go to you can vote on that. we'll have our winner tomorrow. >> reporter: , gang, that's going to do it from warm, sunny vieira, florida, a very challenging day to us, back to you guys in the cool cold studios. >> it will be all right. the cbs evening news is next. derek is back at 7:00. good night, everybody.
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